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Adelaide hits back at criticism over handling of Tyson Stengle incident

Adelaide has rejected suggestions it was trying to sweep Tyson Stengle’s alleged drink-driving incident under the carpet.

The 21-year-old was pulled over by police while driving an unregistered car in the early hours of the Thursday before the Easter long weekend.

He then failed a blood alcohol test.

That news did not become public until a week later, coincidentally on the same day Lachie Hunter made headlines with his own alleged indiscretion.

Adelaide footy boss Adam Kelly told Sportsday there was nothing sinister about the timing.

“There was certainly never any intention to keep it away from the media,” he said on 3AW.

“It was always planned that it was going to be released on the Friday afternoon, that was the plan we had throughout the week.

“There’s certainly no suggestion that we were trying to hide anything away.”

He said the Crows wanted to prioritise Stengle’s well-being and inform the club’s corporate partners, as well as their players, before the news was released publicly.

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