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AFL boss denies getting ‘special treatment’ from Peter Dutton

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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan says he doesn’t believe a French nanny working for his second-cousin received special treatment from the immigration department after he lobbied Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton about the matter.

Mr Dutton overruled advice from a senior Australian Border Force official, allowing the au pair to escape deportation.

Addressing the issue for the first time on 3AW Mornings, McLachlan said the only thing he did was forward an email.

He said he’d never met the French woman involved.

“I didn’t interfere in any way,” McLachlan told Neil Mitchell.

“I had no contact with people.”

McLachlan said he got asked to help people “all time” and would do so again.

“I would always help somebody if I thought it was fair and appropriate, if they asked for help,” he said.

“You consider every case on its merits.”

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