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AFL boss responds to ‘pool bar’ jab from the federal treasurer

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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has refused to be drawn into a war of words with federal treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who questioned the Queensland government’s decision to allow hundreds of league officials into the state.

Speaking on 3AW, Mr Frydenberg said it appeared the AFL had received special treatment.

“What I do find surprising is that we’ve got 400 officials and the like going up to Queensland and being able to sit by the pool bar at the same time Queensland’s strict approach to borders means a grandmother of seven, who’s just had brain surgery, is being forced to isolate in a hotel room as opposed to Queensland in her home,” Mr Frydenberg said.

McLachlan responded a short time later.

“The borders between the federal government and the states is a big issue and I’m not going to weigh into that, other than to say I empathise with every situation,” he said.

“There are people in Victoria doing it very hard, people all over Australia that have had difficulties … I empathise greatly.”

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