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AFL fans association says club members ‘entitled’ to refund, should coronavirus stop them from going to games

The AFL fans association says club members should be entitled to a refund if coronavirus sees the league shut its doors to fans.

The league has flagged the possibility of playing games with no crowds if the government bans mass gatherings because of the illness.

It’s led many to question their rights after forking out hundreds of dollars for memberships.

Association president Gerry Eeman, who is a lawyer, told Tom Elliott fans would “have to” have a legal case to ask for money back.

“If you’re paying for a service and that service is not delivered then you’d be entitled to a refund,” he said.

Tom Elliott said it was a tricky situation.

“I would keep my seat paid for, because I know my club needs the money,” he said.

“But for others … if that’s your entertainment for the year and it’s all the dough you’ve got, then you could be forgiven for asking for your cash back.”

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