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AFL great Kevin Bartlett’s solution to fixing footy’s on-field image crisis

AFL great Kevin Bartlett has called on head office to reduce the number of interchanges allowed per game to as few as 10 a side.

He told Ross and John that would significantly improve the spectacle of games.

It comes amid growing frustration from coaches and fans about the standard of football.

Richmond coach Damien Hardwick vented his displeasure after just seven goals were kicked in Sunday’s win over Sydney.

Alastair Clarkson has also been critical in recent weeks.

KB told Ross and John the time had come for league headquarters to “stand up and take notice”.

He said fatigue had been taken out of the game.

“Fatigue has governed the game of Australian Rules Football for nearly 100 years,” Bartlett told 3AW Breakfast.

“It’s played on the biggest ground, with the most number of players on the ground and fatigue, no matter how fit players have got, or who has coached, fatigue has always governed the game.

“But now, without fatigue, we don’t have positional play anymore.

“We just have a rolling maul.”

He said restricting the number of interchanges allowed to 10 would cover things like concussion and the blood rule, but would prevent coaches from continually bringing “fresh” players onto the ground.

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