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AFL players who ‘flaunt’ drugs policy are starting to ‘frustrate the hell’ out of clubs, says Caro

Caroline Wilson says the AFL’s illicit drugs policy is starting to “frustrate the hell” out of some clubs.

She says some officials believe their players are “flaunting” the system and using aspects of it as a get-out-of-jail free card.

“There is just a view the illicit drugs policy is a bit of a joke,” Caroline Wilson said on 3AW.

“I know it’s gone from three strikes to two, but you talk to any club – I spoke to four today – and the view at those clubs is that it’s just incredibly frustrating that there are players who are rorting the system.

“Not all of them are making up the fact they have serious mental health issues but it’s just too easy to you’ve made a blue and have a strike against you and talk about the fact you have a mental health problem and receive regular treatment, which is all sort of obviously paid for by the system, and yet still turn up not in the best shape on a Monday and continue to sort of flaunt the situation.”

She said it wasn’t just officials who were frustrated.

“I talk to players about this,” Caroline said.

“They know. They know the party boys and who is flaunting the system.”

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