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Airport security expert warns no ‘simple answer’ to preventing airport attacks

An expert in airport security is warning against any knee-jerk reaction at Australian airports in the wake of yesterday’s deadly attacks in Turkey.

Forty-one people died and almost 240 were injured when three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul’s main airport.

Dr John Coyne, head of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Border Security, told 3AW Breakfast there’s no simple solution to preventing attacks at airports.

But he said strict gun laws, and the work of police to foil terror plots to date means people shouldn’t panic about a similar attack.

‘Our thoughts now need to be around designing airports and airport processes especially where they are most vulnerable,’ he said.

‘Especially in that pre-screening area of arrival halls and departure halls.

‘When I talk to senior police at AFP they make it clear even the good crooks in Australia have bad guns, it’s very difficult to get the sort of guns to make mass causality attacks.’

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