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UFU v Daniel Andrews: Premier responds to tape recording rumours

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Premier Daniel Andrews says he does not believe there’s tape recordings of conversations between him and firefighters union boss Peter Marshall.

Marshall refused to rule out the existence of a secret tape when asked about it on the ABC yesterday.

And Opposition Leader Matthew Guy fueled the fire by saying rumours about a tape had existed for years, and that Marshall’s comments — or lack thereof — “all but confirms” those rumours.

Marshall has since refused to comment further, and it took a press conference at a health funding announcement for Mr Andrews to comment.

Reporter: Do you believe you were taped by Peter Marshall or any other… 

Daniel Andrews: I don’t believe so, no. No.

Reporter: Did you ever have any one-on-one conversations with Peter Marshall?

Daniel Andrews: I don’t think so, no. I can really only answer the question by saying ‘No’.

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Earlier, Mr Guy today told 3AW’s Tony Jones he had thought rumours of a tape were false, but is rethinking after yesterday.

“I’m fully aware this is a free kick to the Opposition, but no one else will tell us what’s going on here…”
– Tony Jones, filling in for Neil Mitchell

“You hear these stories and you think it’s all conspiracy theories and it goes a bit far, and then you begin to think, well, maybe it is correct when the Premier just seems to be going to just a crazy extent to support a union, a very small union,” Mr Guys said.

“I mean, you think to yourself ‘Why on earth would they persist with such radical plans for the CFA against all public opinion?’

“And then you begin to think, well, maybe it’s true, and then Peter Marshall comes on the national broadcaster and all but confirms it.”

Mr Guy said if Peter Marshall has a tape recording over Daniel Andrews, “it’s tantamount to blackmail” and Mr Andrews “should be taking that further”.

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