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POLITICAL FIRESTORM | Union boss Peter Marshall turns on Premier, makes ‘secret deal’ threat


Emergency Services Minister James Merlino says its up to Peter Marshall to explain why he’s turned on the Premier by threatening to reveal the details of a secret deal with the Government before the November election.

Peter Marshall yesterday accused the government of breaking a deal it had with the union before the last election in 2014.

The deal, if it exists, is not known to voters.

Marshall also labelled new MFB chief Dan Stephens a union-buster, and says the appointment has shattered the union’s relationship with the government.

Mr Merlino says it is not his role to explain Peter Marshall’s comments.

“That’s a matter for him,” he said.

“But Mr Stephens is not the public record as a strong advocate for the rights of firefighters, improving community safety and fighting against government budget cuts in the UK.”

Shadow Emergency Services Minister Brad Battin says its time for the Premier to reveal the “truth”.

“Daniel Andrews has created this mess by continuing to deal, change his mind and destroy the CFA to give Peter Marshall whatever he wants,” he said.

“And the pay back he gets today is exactly what everyone predicted: Peter Marshall has turned on Daniel Andrews.”

Yesterday, MFB Board President Jasmine Doak told Nick McCallum she doesn’t think it’s a political move by Mr Marshall.

“I think he’s genuinely disappointed,” Ms Doak said.

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Photo: Joe Castro / AAP