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Apology anticipated over AFL’s controversial coronavirus sledge

Opinion is divided over a sledge from North Melbourne’s Luke McDonald in which he covered his mouth while close-up with Essendon’s Conor McKenna.

McKenna tested positive to COVID-19 last month, but has since been cleared of the coronavirus.

McDonald has since been criticised over his actions.

“I’m in two minds about it, Neil, I’ve got to say,” veteran sports reporter Tony Jones said on 3AW Mornings.

“It was done in jest.

“I get that coronavirus isn’t something we shouldn’t be joking about but I would have thought the AFL has got more on its plate at the moment, instead of worrying about something that was done in a jocular sense.

“I don’t really think he took offence to it, to be honest, but of course, the PC brigade has and the AFL, being the AFL, will bow to that and will carry out an investigation and by the end of the day we’ll find out Luke McDonald has been asked to apologise.”

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