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Assistant Commissioner Deb Abbott disputes claims made in leaked incident report

Police have called parts of the incident report leaked to Neil Mitchell about the Spencer St AirBnB party response “inaccurate” and “incorrect”.

Victoria Police were called to the NEO 200 high rise on Spencer Street to reports of an out of control party at about 7am on Sunday.

Neil Mitchell revealed he’d received an incident report which stated that the “party disruption plan” could not be implemented due to lack of resources.

Assistant Commissioner Deb Abbott said the report was not correct and the members would be spoken to about it.

NM: The party disruption plan, according to the incident report it says could not be implemented because of a lack of resources, is that correct?

DA: It’s incorrect because the party disruption plan…your information is that certain resources couldn’t be called and weren’t available, it’s incorrect. Our party disruption plan is more holistic than that. Those units weren’t available at the time but other units were.

NM: Why?

DA: We had quite an extensive event calendar at the weekend. Some were on duty, some were not, some were at change of shift.

NM: The CIRT team only turning up when someone’s been stabbed, is that true?

DA: Incorrect.

NM: So the people who are drawing up your incident reports, who are reasonably senior police, got it wrong?

DA: Yes.

NM: You going to talk to them?

DA: We’re absolutely going to talk to them. Parts of that report are inaccurate. In hindsight, could we have done things better? Yes we could have.

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