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ATAR day: Slow website makes VCE students wait up to an hour for results


There’s been an apology after the VCE results website effectively crashed, meaning some students couldn’t access their final scores for up to an hour.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority says it’s the first time in years there’s been an issue with access to the website.

Emily Cook from the Elizabeth Blackburn School of Sciences suggested future students should sign up for the text messaging service after numerous failed attempts to get her results.

‘It was a very long wait,’ she said.

Authority CEO John Firth told 3AW News the website didn’t crash, but was unexpectedly slow.

‘It certainly was slower than we’d hoped in the first half-hour, and so we apologise for that,’ he said.

‘We understand students are keen to get their results.

‘But the site didn’t close down completely … it was just slow because of the huge traffic.’

Nearly 50,000 youngsters are now figuring out what to do with their lives after the VCE results were released this morning.

University preferences close on December 21.

First round tertiary offers begin January 4.