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Bert Newton cops it over ‘irreverent’ comments at the Logies

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Bert Newton has come under fire for insensitive comments in the face of the #Metoo movement, after presenting an award at the Logies last night.

“There are many faces who I know from the screen but don’t know them personally, and you might be thinking the same way, where’s this old p*** come from,” Bert said.

He went on to jokingly insinuate TV legend Graeme Kennedy took advantage of young people in his dressing room.

“Graeme Kennedy was always the sort of man who loved giving young people a chance,” he said.

“You knew if you went to his dressing room and it was locked, he was inside doing some ‘mentoring’.

“Don Lane was a mentor too, did a hell of a lot of mentoring.”

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Tony Jones said on the scale of political correctness, these comments don’t rate very highly, particularly in light of what occurred on Triple M on Friday night.

“This was no Barry Hall moment, Barry Hall and Leigh Montagna were inappropriate and downright irresponsible,” Tony said.

“Bert was irreverent, nothing more, nothing less.”

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