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Brad Scott and North Melbourne fined by the AFL over controversial umpire comments

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott has been fined $30,000 by the AFL for comments he made about the umpires last Friday night.

And the Roos have been slugged another $50,000 over the issue.

Scott had claimed an umpire had called Lindsay Thomas a ‘ducker’ during the club’s nine-point loss to Hawthorn.

Scott offered a ‘personal and unreserved apology’ this week, claiming he had been given unfactual information.

Caroline Wilson believes the fine for Brad Scott and the club is reasonable.

‘It’s a massive hit and I think it’s the right decision, I really do.’

Wilson also suggests Geoff Walsh, North Melbourne Head of Football should ‘tip in’ for the fine if the hat is passed around.

As for what happens going forward, Wilson says the club should have a strong chat with the coach.

‘I hope they do sit down and say ‘Brad, it doesn’t help the team’,’ she said.

Both Gerard Healy and Caroline Wilson agree that Brad Scott has been and will continue to be a fine leader for the club.

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