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Calls for a Royal Commission following latest Essendon supplements scandal revelation

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There are calls for a Royal Commission after a report from 3AW Football’s Mick Warner in The Herald Sun revealed the drug that saw the ­Essendon 34 suspended was only listed as banned by ASADA the day before the club self-reported in 2013.

It was several months after the injections at Essendon had stopped.

ASADA has a website called Check Your Substances, which athletes and coaches are supposed to use to see if a supplement is banned before they use it.

New information shows Thymosin Beta-4, which the Bombers were concluded to have taken repeatedly, was not listed until the afternoon of February 4, 2013.

Long-time player agent Peter Jess told Neil Mitchell the players had been “rail-roaded” into a “situation that did not exist.”

“We want to call for a Royal Commission where we can have a complete review of this whole sorry state,” he said.

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