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Cameron Ling’s message for any St Kilda player who thinks they’re ‘going OK’

Cameron Ling has a message for any St Kilda player who thinks they’re “going OK” at the moment, despite the club’s form – you’re not.

The Geelong great questioned where the Saints were at following another disappointing loss at the weekend.

Ling said everybody at the club needed to be accountable and warned about the dangers of self-interest and self-preservation.

“I wonder how many of those Saints players walk off disappointed they lost but think they did OK because they had 25 possessions, 24 possessions or whatever it might be and get caught up in the fact – I’m getting my hands on the footy so therefore I’m going OK – when in reality, their possessions are having no impact on the game whatsoever,” Ling said on 3AW Football.

“They need to walk off being pretty critical of their own game and their entire team’s game, otherwise the losses are going to keep mounting up.”

Matthew Richardson said the Saints look “lost” right now.

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