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Mark Knight’s ‘peace-offering’ to Serena Williams in annual cartoon special


Picking all the famous faces in Mark Knight’s Herald Sun end-of-year cartoon has become an annual NYE holiday sport.

But this year’s spread was the source of speculation before it was published: Will Knight draw Serena Williams again?

His portrayal of the tennis superstar earlier this year caused international controversy, even surpassing the story of Williams’s appalling on-court behaviour.

So, naturally, she had to make today’s double-page spread.

In fact, she’s sitting at the bar sharing a drink with Knight himself. But Serena looks a bit different this time…

“I’d like to think this is a sort of a peace-offering from myself to Serena,” Knight told 3AW Mornings fill-in host Heidi Murphy.

“I hope she likes the way I’ve drawn her.”

Heidi: Did you draw and re-draw her several times?

Mark: Can I say, I drew her with great caution.

Heidi: There’s a dummy near her feet; his that hers or Lawyer X’s?

Mark: I don’t know, Heidi. Don’t cause controversy please, on the last day of the year!

Click PLAY to hear Heidi Murphy chat with Mark Knight, who spoke to 3AW sitting amid the caricatures that didn’t make it