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Caro says recent article about an AFL legend ‘lacked guts’ and was ‘nasty’

Caroline Wilson has expressed her displeasure at a recent article in The Herald Sun that “pussy-footed” around an apparent marriage breakdown involving an “AFL legend”.

The veteran journalist said it unfairly “tarred” a lot of people and lacked bravery.

“To me, you either name the people involved, or you don’t,” she said on Sportsday.

“If I’m leaving people in the dark here, I’m sorry, but this is not my story and not something I’d personally write.

“I really don’t understand that sort of journalism.

“I think there’s a nasty side to it.

“Have the guts to come out and name the couple if you think it’s genuinely right and it’s a story and you think it’s something that people need, or want, to know about.

“And you can argue whether it’s in the public interest or not.

“But this pussy footing around who the people are I found quite extraordinary.

“I didn’t like it.”

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