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Caro: There’s similarities between the Adelaide camp and Essendon saga

Caroline Wilson says Adelaide hasn’t heeded the lessons learnt from Essendon’s drug saga.

Speaking on 3AW Football, Caro noted the similarities between the Crows’ infamous end-of-season training camp in 2017 and the Essendon saga.

“(Adelaide Chairman) Rob Chapman has a lot to answer for,” Caro said.

“When the Essendon drug saga happened, clubs were made to set up integrity committees and this camp wasn’t run by Adelaide’s integrity committee.

“The AFL Players’ Association keep saying that there’s been no complaints (about the camp) but you don’t need a complaint to investigate.

“The four-man leadership group along with a few others, were still so angry this week they demanded an audience with the CEO (Andrew Fagan) as well as Don Pyke and Brett Burton and they aired their issues again.

“Even as recently as yesterday, the players are still angry.”

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