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Caroline Wilson on James Hird’s possible return to football

Caroline Wilson says it’s “great” James Hird is considering a return to the AFL in an assistant coaching role.

But she’s questioned why others involved in the 2012 supplements saga continue to “flog a dead horse”.

It follows news a case against the AFL, led by humans rights QC Julian Burnside, will return to court just days before the start of the season.

Speaking on Sportsday, Caroline Wilson said she welcomed reports linking Hird with a role at Fremantle.

“I hope he does take one of those jobs,” she said.

But as for the court case.

“I don’t see what on earth Julian Burnside can hope to achieve,” she said.

“Does he want money? Does he want an apology? He’s not going to get either of those from the AFL.

“I think this is flogging a dead horse.

“I think those few people at Essendon, or who were around at the time and continue to blame others and not those at the club at the time, are completely deluded.”

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