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Caroline Wilson ‘surprised’ by Brad Scott claim, says ‘old guard’ were significant in his demise

Caroline Wilson says the “old guard” at North Melbourne played a significant role in Brad Scott’s demise as coach of the Roos.

She said club greats such as Wayne Carey and Denis Pagan were “clearly right off” Scott.

It’s been claimed Scott did not attend a life members event at the club, despite being there at the time.

“That offended a lot of people, including Denis Pagan,” Caroline Wilson explained on 3AW.

She said Scott’s relationship with two-time premiership Roo and media commentator David King had become “to the point of toxic”.

Caroline says there are still major differences in the version of events between club and coach.

“It was really interesting that Brad said that had the article not been written, he would have been coaching to the end of the year,” she said.

“The club, unless they’re lying, completely refutes that.”

Caro said Scott would have finished at the club on Monday or Tuesday and the article, written by Mark Robinson, sped that process up to Sunday.

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