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Caroline Wilson says frustration is growing among women in AFL

Caroline Wilson says there is growing frustration about a lack of opportunity for women in the AFL.

The issue came to a head on Sportsday during a discussion about Bec Goddard’s decision to part ways with the Adelaide Crows in the AFLW to pursue a police career.

Wilson believes Goddard “would have loved” to stay involved with the Crows.

She says other women involved at club land – in both AFL and AFLW – weren’t being given the opportunities to learn and develop as they’d hoped.

“I think women are finding it difficult to break into the all-male environment in clubs,” she said on Sportsday.

“Now, some women maybe don’t deserve to but there is a cultural divide here that has nowhere near been broken down since the advent of AFLW.

“I know you guys think I always just stick up for women, but we need to recognise that these people were brought into the system, lauded as pioneers, and a lot of them at the moment are feeling a little bit like chop liver.”

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