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Caroline Wilson says Melbourne is running out of patience with Steven May

Caroline Wilson says Melbourne is “getting sick” of issues with prized recruit Steven May.

It comes after the defender was forced to apologise to his teammates for drinking while injured.

The news, first broken by Sportsday newsbreaker Tom Morris, has divided opinion among both footy reporters and fans.

“As soon as Melbourne Football Club confirmed they were taking action, it’s a story,” Morris explained on 3AW.

“It’s not about one beer, or two beers, it’s about Melbourne football club acting.”

And Caroline Wilson agreed.

“He broke team rules,” she said.

“The club has had a bit of a gutful, to be honest.

“They’re getting sick of this.

“They have huge sympathy for what’s been going on in his private life, family issues etc. and that’s one of the reasons he hasn’t been further suspended or fined.

“To use a new euphemism in footy they’ve ‘put their arms around him’.

“But whatever he said to the players today, and he did apologise and speak to them, I think the view of the players and club now is they’re a bit sick of the words, they want to see the actions.”

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