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Caroline Wilson ‘worried’ by AFL CEO comments over sexual harassment resolution


Caroline Wilson has expressed concerns over comments made by Gillon McLachlan about Fremantle’s sexual harassment scandal.

The league’s CEO did not deny allegations that the AFL had paid hush money to a woman in Fremantle, and made some comments which seemed to imply doing so would be a legitimate course of action.

“It’s entirely appropriate, and part of the policy, for it to be confidential… there’s a wide series of options available for getting resolution,” Gillon said on Friday.

Wilson said that’s “not good enough”.

“Confidentiality is one thing, but a paid settlement which involves an agreement where the complainant stays silent, is a worry to me,” she said.

Tim Lane noticed that Google search results for keywords on this topic returned different results today than they did yesterday.

“It seems to me that one or two items have either changed or disappeared,” Tim said.

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