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CBD standstill: Climate protesters swarm Melbourne Central


Climate activists have taken over Melbourne Central, as yet another afternoon of rolling disruptions begins across the CBD.

It comes after Extinction Rebellion protesters this morning glued themselves to the road in targeted swarms which caused traffic chaos in Melbourne’s CBD, and almost prevented a pregnant woman from making it to hospital in time to give birth.

Mum makes it to hospital JUST in time to give birth as protest blocks ambulance in CBD

Police arrested 41 people on Thursday.

  • 22 people have received penalty notices for failing to abide by a traffic direction made by police.
  • 19 people have been charged with intentionally obstructing an emergency service worker.

Of the 19 charged:

  • Six people have been bailed to appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on 12 March 2020.
  • One 17-year-old was presented to a children’s court this afternoon.
  • Four people have appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this afternoon and been released by the court on unconditional bail.
  • Given the decisions of the court a further eight people have been released by police on unconditional bail.

It is expected they will all appear at court at a later date.

The climate protesters appeared en masse at Southern Cross station and the King Street Bridge.

They commandeered the busy Spencer-Collins intersection by connecting their arms with PVC piping.

At King St protesters glued themselves to the road.

The impact was felt across the traffic and tram network.