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Chris Fagan reveals the unique way he coaches Mitch Robinson

Brisbane coach Chris Fagan has opened up on how he deals with coaching Mitch Robinson.

The tough-as-nails Lions midfielder had 22 touches and a goal in his side’s win over Hawthorn on Saturday night but also gave away two free kicks in quick succession.

Speaking on Sunday Sport, Fagan said he picks and chooses his moments when to discipline the firebrand player.

“My coaching style with Mitch Robinson is pretty much pat him on the back and kick him up the bum,” he said.

“That’s the bloke, he gives everything he’s got – sometimes his emotions run over.

“He tries to not let his emotions run over and in the spur of the moment but he can sometimes get carried away.

“His heart is always in the right place but he just needs to show a little bit of control.”

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