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Collingwood star Dayne Beams to step away from footy indefinitely

Dayne Beams has taken indefinite leave from football.

Collingwood said on Wednesday the star midfielder intended to return at some stage but would not do so until he was “confident” he could “dedicate himself” to football.

He’s already sidelined with a hip injury.

“I have been on the record in the past about the battles I have fought,” Beams said in a club statement.

“Right now, I need to step away and regather myself.

“I hope people will understand that this is something I need to do for myself and, importantly, my family.

“Our well being is the highest priority.”

Beams later posted on social media, saying he was a “broken man” and “this is very very real for myself at the people that I love”.


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Just to follow on from the statement released today from the club . I am a broken man at the moment and this is very very real for myself and the people that I love at the moment . I am not posting this for people to feel sorry for me or to speculate about my life , I am posting this because this is an issue that I will continue to shine a light on because it is real and it can be so so debilitating if it’s not treated so I plead with anyone out there doing it tough just to tell someone because in doing that you are already taking the first steps towards recovery and living a happier and loving life. Think if this were your husband , wife , child , friend experiencing the lows that come with depression ask yourself what would you do for them . Lastly to my family thank you for inspiring me to beat this illness and always having my back . I love you all . Please start having the conversations and helping each other ❤️💙

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