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‘Completely inexcusable’: Peter Ford takes aim at the ABC for not showing Queen’s address live

One Australian television network failed to air Queen Elizabeth’s historic coronavirus pandemic address this morning, and 3AW entertainment reporter Peter Ford says it’s an “absolutely unforgivable” move.

While the commercial networks aired the address live, the ABC did not show the address on its main channel or its news channel.

“The ABC’s main channel was showing a re-run of Lateline, so I switched over to ABC News 24. They would obviously have to be showing it live, it’s historic!,” Mr Ford said to 3AW’s Ross and John.

“[They were showing] a repeat of Insiders!

“How on earth can they justify that?”

Mr Ford slammed the ABC for the decision.

“This is not about promoting royalty, it was a historic moment, the fourth time ever that she’s done something like this,” he said.

“I think that is completely inexcusable and they should be held to account.

“There’s no other world leader that has her experience, and I think she very subtly wanted to remind people of that by calling upon the fact that it was 80 years ago from that same castle that she did her very first address.”

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