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Concern over massive backlog of driving tests due to COVID-19 shutdown

Victoria’s backlog of driving tests is reaching alarming levels, with claims it could be as high as 80,000.

It means some teenagers and others who wish to get their licence could have to wait months, if not years, to simply get their learner permit.

There are calls for the system to be tweaked to ease the burden on the system once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Stan Gates, driving instructor and President of The Australian Driver Trainers Association in Victoria, told Tom Elliott he expected the backlog to be about 75,000.

The learner test is done on a computer, but those wanting to do it must sit the test at VicRoads.

There have already been calls for that test to be made available online at home.

Mr Gates said the issue needed to be addressed.

“I wish the government had approached us,” he told Tom Elliott.

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Elvira Lazar, Senior Policy Advisor at RACV, said she understood it was “frustrating” for those wanting to get their licence.

“But we need to make sure we maintain the system that’s in place at the moment and not make any compromises on safety,” she said.

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