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Confronting RSPCA campaign appears to have backfired with public, leaving listeners ‘incensed’

WARNING – The image below may be distressing for some readers.

The RSPCA has come under fire over a controversial campaign which has seen confronting images distributed across the state, including by letterbox drop, in the hope Victorians will be moved by them.

It appears to have backfired.

3AW Drive was flooded with calls on Tuesday after Ian rang to share his disappointment about opening a plain envelope without any warning. There were pictures of abused animals inside.

“I love animals – I don’t want to see this terrible stuff in my bloody letterbox,” he said.

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It sent the 3AW switchboard into meltdown.

Tracey said the RSPCA had “shot itself in the foot” with the campaign, while Paul said his 10-year-old had opened the letter and had experienced nightmares since.

“I’m really incensed,” he told Tom Elliott.

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The RSPCA responded later in the program.

Dr Liz Walker, chief executive, told Tom Elliott it was not their intention to upset young children.

However, she stood by the campaign.

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