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Constitutional law expert responds to Trump’s election ‘fraud’ claim

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US President Donald Trump has claimed voting in the US election is fraudulent.

Mr Trump has labelled the election a “fraud on the American public” and says he has won overall, despite not all the votes being counted.

The President says he wants all vote counting to stop, and claims he will take the case to the Supreme Court in a bid to halt counting.

Constitutional scholar at the University of Baltimore, Professor Garrett Epps, says Mr Trump’s fraud claims “represent a real attempt to wreck one of the pillars of any democratic society”.

“Donald Trump wants to control who can vote,” he told Ross and Russel.

“You are seeing a once great nation really lurching on a path that could lead to being a failed state.”

Professor Epps said there is “no legal principal” behind Mr Trump’s attempt to have vote counting halted.

“Trump would be asking is that legal votes, cast before the deadline … as the law required, be thrown out because they weren’t counted on the night of the election,” he said.

“This administration has a practice, when they lose in the lower court, of immediately running to the Supreme Court and saying ‘I know this case isn’t really in front of you but we are losing and we don’t like that. Please help us out’.”

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