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Contact tracing concern as another failure emerges

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The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) says Victoria’s contact tracing system is up to scratch, but another concerning contact tracing failure has emerged.

Melbourne woman Tayla says he husband was exposed to a positive case while at work on October 1.

The first he heard about his exposure was on October 13 after his boss received a call from DHHS.

He was called later that day, but the Health Department thought he had been informed of his exposure almost two weeks earlier.

“My husband actually received information on the 13th that he should have been quarantining from the 1st of October,” Tayla told Neil Mitchell.

“They actually rang on the 13th and said ‘Did you get your 11-day COVID test yesterday?’.”

“That’s when he informed them he was only notified on the 13th.”

Tayla said her whole family have been tested for coronavirus, and all returned negative results, but the ordeal has left her with “no” faith in Victoria’s contact tracing system.

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