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Coronavirus taking a toll on Australia’s east coast tourism

Australia’s tourism industry could be facing a multi-billion dollar shortfall amid the Chinese travel ban triggered by coronavirus.

Hotels, restaurants, tourism operators and some of our most popular attractions are expected to lose a combined $1 billion in one month alone.

It’s another hit to Victorian tourism to compound the impact of recent bushfires.

Callers to the Neil Mitchell program reported tourist hot spots in the state’s south-west, like the Great Ocean Road, were extremely quiet in recent days.

Griffith University lecturer Dr Sarah Gardiner told 3AW Breakfast the losses would fall mostly along the east coast, “particularly Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland”.

“(Chinese tourists) are the biggest group and the biggest spenders, they’re worth about $12 billion to our economy every year,” she said.

“I think it’s really important that we continue to really reassure Chinese that they’re very welcome in Australia, and make sure they have a really strong intention to visit here and book their holidays.”

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