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Council “won’t risk” naming local ground after Brownlow medallist until he’s dead

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A local council has rejected a football club’s bid to rename their oval after a Brownlow medallist, telling the club they’ll have to wait until he’s dead.

Why? They don’t want to run the risk of him bringing the council’s name into disrepute.

Dwayne Russell brought the issue to light on Sportsday.

He said because the issue was ongoing, he did not want to name the player or council in question.

“While this local hero is the greatest player ever to come from that club, council is worried that while he’s alive he could do something that could bring them into disrepute or lead to them needing to take his name off,” the Sportsday host explained.

“Is that fair that a council not take the risk, or is it outrageous that a Brownlow medallist – who has never done anything wrong – will miss out on a great honour while he is alive.

“I’m a little disappointed that we’ve become so cautious as a society.”

The news didn’t surprise Matthew Lloyd, who said the same thing had happened to him.

“I hate to insert myself into the story, but it’s happened to myself as well,” the Essendon great said.

Lloyd explained he was approached by Avondale Heights a few years ago about naming Canning Reserve after him, which he said would be a great honour, but was then told by the club the council wouldn’t let them for similar reasons.

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Macquarie National News