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COVID silence: Government goes to ground as Victoria spikes

Melbourne is Australia’s COVID-19 capital, with the Premier on Saturday banning families from having more than five visitors in their home.

He threatened increased door-to-door checks and even council-based hot-spot zoning has been raised as a possible action against the virus.

The new rules have, understandably, raised many questions.

“But the Andrews Government won’t talk to you,” Neil Mitchell detailed this morning.

“No Victorian government official will talk to us today.

“Not even police will talk to me about what they’ll be doing.”

It’s not unusual for certain state Labor politicians to avoid Neil Mitchell when things get tough, but today other 3AW programs and even ABC Radio have copped the silent treatment from a government under pressure.

“I know they’re all very busy but part of their job should be communicating directly to you,” Neil said.

“If you want dramatic action from the people, take them with you.”

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