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Empty shelves and ‘aggressive’ scenes: Shoppers left frustrated as dedicated elderly shopping hour turns nasty

Hundreds have gathered outside Woolworths stores this morning ahead of a dedicated shopping hour for the the elderly and those with a disability, but many have left disappointed and empty handed.

Shoppers began arriving at Woolworths in Blackburn North at 6.30am, while former 3AW journalist Ron Bourke said hundreds were queued when doors opened at Woolworths in Sunshine.

“There’s a big crowd here, about 200 people,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

“It’s getting slightly aggressive at the moment because security has just come out and told everyone to move back a bit as they can’t open the doors.

“Just a little while ago there was quite a bit of verbal argument with people coming in from the side and trying to push into the queue.”

Disgruntled shoppers told 3AW’s Ross and John when they finally gained entry to supermarkets the shelves hadn’t been restocked, and in-demand products including toilet paper, milk and meat weren’t on the shelves at many stores.

One shopper at Woolworths in Taylors Lakes said she couldn’t even find a parking space outside the supermarket.

Woolworths yesterday made the decision to open to the elderly and disabled only from 7am to 8am this week, after unprecedented demand for goods saw many vulnerable people missing out on vital supplies.

Coles later announced it will also conduct a daily shopping hour for the elderly and disabled from 8am to 9am, beginning on Wednesday.

Many IGA stores have also held special shopping hours exclusively for the elderly and disabled this morning.

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Coronavirus: Woolworths introduces dedicated shopping hour for the elderly and disabled