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David Schwarz’s suggestion to reduce risk of tanking

Melbourne great David Schwarz has suggested the AFL impliment a draft lottery to disincentivise tanking.

The Demons were rocked by fresh allegations published by the Herald Sun on Friday which centred on their now infamous 2009 season.

The reports claimed Melbourne football department staff were instructed not to win more than four claims in order to claim a priority draft pick.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Schwarz said “there can’t be certainty” in the draft if the AFL wanted to fully eliminate the possibility of teams deliberating losing games to claim a higher draft selection.

“If you incentivise sides to lose, you’re just looking for trouble,” he told Tom Elliott.

“We’ve seen it happen too often – whether it was Carlton in 2007, Melbourne in 2009 or it’s going to be Melbourne in 2023, the last thing we want is sides losing because of the hope factor.

“You don’t need pick one, two or three to gain the best player in the draft.”

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