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Dee Dee Dunleavy applauds arrest of ‘trouble-maker’ who is ‘playing the victim’

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Dee Dee Dunleavy has applauded Victoria Police’s arrest of a pregnant Ballarat mother over a planned anti-lockdown protest.

Zoe-Lee Buhler allegedly started a Facebook event, organising the protest for Saturday.

Yesterday, police knocked on her door and took her away in handcuffs.

She has been charged with incitement.

It’s split opinion, with some accusing the police of heavy-handed tactics.

Dee Dee certainly isn’t one of them.

“Why are people feeling sympathy for her? I don’t think she deserves it,” the 3AW Afternoons host said.

“She immediately played the victim, which is something I absolutely detest.

“If the rally she was organising – not sharing, but organising – had led to the infection and death of somebody you love, I can’t imagine you’d be very forgiving then.

“She is a trouble-maker who got what she deserved.

“Organising that rally was illegal and she will face the consequences for it.

“And if you’re supporting that GoFundMe page –  you’re an idiot – give your money to a charity that deserves it.”

Dee Dee questioned whether the woman was the beneficiary of double standards because she was pregnant.

“If it was a giant tattooed thug who had been arrested, would people be treating this a bit differently? Would anybody feel sorry for him?” Dee Dee pointed out.

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