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Deputy Commissioner confirms police caught up in IBAC probe remain on the job

The police officers who may be implicated in the latest Silk-Miller developments have not been stood down, the Deputy Commissioner has confirmed to Neil Mitchell.

Neil Mitchell asked Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp if the officers alleged to be involved in the case are still working

“There are members in the police force still and some that are no longer part of the organisation,” Mr Crisp said.

“At this stage there’s no one suspended.”

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Mr Crisp said there was no internal investigation underway and it was up to IBAC to deliver any answers.

Neil also asked the Deputy Commissioner about the “illogical” rotation policy which has seen respected Detective Inspector Mick Hughes booted from the Homicide Squad.

“There’s two main reasons we do it, welfare and just improving the overall capability across crime, some people have stayed in roles far too long, they get the blinkers on,” he said.