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Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Crisp replaces Craig Lapsley

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp has been announced as Craig Lapsley’s replacement as Emergency Management Commissioner.

Lapsley resigned yesterday, amid bullying allegations and the government expressing their disappointment in him.

Now former Deputy Commissioner Crisp has worked for Victoria Police for about 40 years.

The appointment as Emergency Management Commissioner is a five-year term.

“This is pretty disruptive for the police force,” Neil said.

“They’ve just lost Doug Fryer, who was a good operator.

“Graham Ashton has already said he’ll serve out his term but no more.

“There are a pile of questions for Mr Merlino, has Mr Lapsley been paid money? And how much? Is his silence a condition of getting that money? It would seem so because he’s not talking.

“And more broadly, do we have a problem with emergency services? At different levels there’s been accusations of bullying within the police force, firefighters, ambulance, defence.”

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CCP Ashton released a statement thanking Crisp for his service and said Victoria Police will shortly commence the recruitment phase for a replacement Deputy Commissioner.

In the interim, Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill will act in the position from Monday 13 August.

Photo: Dougal Betty/Nine News