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EPA’s crackdown on illegal dumping ‘scourge’ using CCTV

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) officers working with Victorian councils will have access to cameras in areas known to be illegal rubbish dumping hot spots in a new crackdown.

The officers will use CCTV, surveillance, and will trawl through dump sites for personal details and rely on public tip offs, to catch dumpers.

EPA CEO Nial Finegan said illegal dumping on roadsides was a real frustration and annoyance for Victorians.

“It has a cumulative impact on the environment and we are getting very serious about it,” he told Neil Mitchell.

He said recently graduated Officers for the Protection of the Local Environment (OPLE) would have access to cameras.

“Some councils are already doing this, Casey, Dandenong and Frankston, they will go through the litter, through the rubbish and try and find some identification and then report on it.

“If you see somebody doing the wrong thing, it’s so un-Australian, so un-Victorian, dob them in.

“Take a rego number, give us the details, we will follow it up.”

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