Does Jordan de Goey have a moral obligation to stay?


Leigh Matthews doesn’t think Jordan de Goey should feel obligated to stay at Collingwood.

The out-of-contract Magpie is currently fielding big contract offers from rival clubs.

But does he have a moral obligation to stay at the Pies?

De Goey has had his off-field issues, most notably when he was caught out lying to the club about how he broke his hand last year.

Caroline Wilson suggested he should reward the club for sticking by him.

“It would be a horrible look for Jordan de Goey to leave Collingwood,” she said.

But Leigh disagreed.

“He didn’t choose to go to Collingwood, they drafted him,” Lethal said.

“I’m not sure he owes Collingwood any more than any other player owes their club.”

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Photo: Julian Smith