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Dwayne Russell embarrassed by ‘bum tap’ fine for Willie Rioli

Dwayne Russell says he’s “disappointed and embarrassed” West Coast’s Willie Rioli was fined for touching an umpire.

Rioli has been offered a $1000 sanction for a friendly tap on umpire Ray Chamberlain’s behind.

But the Sportsday host said the context of the contact was important.

“Can I give a sledge to myself? I was asked by our Fox Footy producer if it was worth giving the Willie Rioli tap to the backside of Ray Chamberlain four or five big replay runs,” he said.

“And I said no, we’re not whipping this into a frenzy.

“I thought what Willie Rioli did was fantastic, I would have given him a medal not a fine.

“I’m disappointed for the game itself, I’m a bit embarrassed.

“He was trying to improve the rapport between players and umpires.”

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