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‘Nothing has helped’: Family forced to move after a year of poor health following toxic West Footscray fire 

A young family in Melbourne’s west are so concerned about the ongoing impact of a toxic factory fire, they’re moving away.

Lexi Christou, her husband and two children, aged three and nine, live 800 metres from the West Footscray factory that went up in flames last year.

The building was packed with chemicals, sparking warnings about thick black smoke.

Ms Christou told Neil Mitchell since the fire they’ve had no contact from the Health Department.

“You can’t say that there was no effect on residents,” she said.

“Every single plant, within four days, in our backyard was dead. We had to rip everything out.”

The family are now moving suburbs following months of health problems.

“The runny noses, the respiratory infections, the wheezing, the breathing problems, a cough that none of us have been able to shake for 12 months,” she said.

“Antibiotics haven’t helped, nothing has helped.”

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