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Facebook to allow group administrators to slug their members a subscription fee

Would you pay a fee to be part of a Facebook community page such as ‘Footscray Buy, Swap & Sell’?

As reported in the Herald Sun, Facebook is attempting to monetise community pages by allowing the administrator to charge a subscription fee, which could be up to $360 a year.

3AW Drive futurist Steve Sammartino said he was suspicious of Facebook’s plan.

“Facebook are trying to monetize the groups that people have built,” he said.

“In the first initial stages they’ve said that the money will go to the group administrators, that the fees will go to that person, but I’m a little bit suspicious.

“I think they’re telling administrators they’ll be the financial beneficiary to get them on board, then they’ll decide to charge a fee as well.”

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“This is a classic case of the connection and the utility that these social platforms provide,” Steve said.

“But it’s incredibly dangerous to tie up the social fabric within a commercial organisation which has the commercial imperative of looking after the shareholders as being far more important than what we’ve built.”