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Factory fire: Campbellfield site had its licence suspended by the EPA last month

A specialist in hazardous materials management has told 3AW the fire in Campbellfield could have been avoided.

As first reported on 3AW Breakfast, the company that operates out of the factory was stripped of its licence in March due to over-storage and inadequate labelling.

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“The licence of this place was taken away by the EPA more than a week ago, suspended for storing more waste than they should,” Neil Mitchell said.

Neil asked Dr. Trevor Thornton, lecturer in Hazardous Materials Management at Deakin University if, considering Melbourne’s recent history of factory fires, this situation could have been avoided.

“Yes,” Dr Thornton replied.

“I think what the problem is, these sites, whether they’re licensed or not, they might have been inspected recently by the EPA but then there’s no control on what’s happening on a daily basis.

“Also are they storing the materials correctly? Are there incompatible materials next to each other which could lead to a fire?

“Not knowing what’s in there is really difficult, I’d be getting out of the area.

“It’s absolutely vital that the EPA test it as soon as possible.

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Image: VicRoads