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‘Fair dinkum’ | Richo says ‘thuggery’ claims are ‘way over the top’

Matthew Richardson has hit out at the “hysterical overreaction” to the ugly incident involving Jeremy Cameron and Harris Andrews.

GWS forward Cameron is certain to come under heat from the Match Review Officer over the high hit on Saturday.

The incident left Andrews with bleeding on the brain.

Speaking on 3AW Football, Richardson said Cameron was clearly going to get suspended and should.

However, the Richmond great said some of the commentary surrounding Cameron was symptomatic of a wider problem in footy where every single incident was over scrutinised.

“He’s going to get weeks, but fair dinkum … some of the commentary around is completely over the top,” Richo said.

“It wasn’t, to me, an act of brutal thuggery. It wasn’t intentional.

“It was a split millisecond decision in a marking contest where two players are off the ground.

“It was a great effort by Harris Andrews coming back with the flight.

“It was careless by Jeremy Cameron – he raised his arms – but there was always going to be contact and it was very careless contact, but his intention was not to go into that contest, raise his elbow and to knock somebody out.

“It was a split second decision. I don’t think it was intentional.

“Calling it an ‘act of thuggery’ is way over the top.”

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