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Family reacts to ugly incident at the MCG

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The family of a man with an intellectual disability who was brutally attacked at the footy says he “did nothing wrong” during the ugly incident.

Ben Ploegmakers, 31, was set upon by a Melbourne fan at the MCG on Saturday after knocking a beer out of his hands.

His family claim the attacker called him a “retard and spastic”, which prompted Ben’s reaction.

“I don’t think Benjamin did anything wrong,” his nan, Zelma, told Neil Mitchell.

“I can understand him turning around and lashing at the beer, knocking that to the ground

“But the man had no right to then push Ben and punch him to the ground and then even kicked him.”

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Ben’s twin brother, Damien, said he was interested to hear the attacker’s version of events.

“If that’s the way he conducts himself at the footy, then we don’t want people like that there,”

Police said a 34-year-old Baxter man was expected to be charged on summons with assault related offences.

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