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Man on Sex Offender register tells Neil Mitchell he’s concerned by Matthew Guy’s policy

A man who is on the Sex Offender’s register has contacted Neil Mitchell’s program to say he has concerns about a radical plan by the State Coalition to make the register more public.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy this week launched the new election policy, which would allow parents to apply to access information on the register.

A new commissioner would assess applications on a case-by-case basis.

Jay, which is not his real name, was caught in possession of 10 images of child exploitation material five years ago.

As a father, he says he is concerned for his children being bullied or targeted if parents found out.

“I’m not a lobbyist or an advocate for sex offenders, I’m just a person who would like to share my experiences,” he said.

Neil Mitchell said it was unlikely anyone would have sympathy for him.

“I’m not here looking for sympathy, Neil,” Jay said.

“Isolating people by putting them on a public register doesn’t make (us) any safer,” he said.

“It does worry the likes of myself who have kids and we just want to move on with our lives and protect our children.”

Edward O’Donohue, the Opposition’s Shadow Police and Corrections Minister, told Neil Mitchell the policy would target the worst of the worst.

“For those that don’t qualify as a serious sex offender, the scheme will be unchanged,” he said.

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