Fitzroy homes of two media personalities broken into during alleged crime spree


Channel 9 journalist Brett McLeod says he feels ‘violated’ after his home was invaded during an alleged Fitzroy crime spree uncovered by the Rumour File.

McLeod confronted an intruder in his home around 4.30pm last Friday.

He told Neil Mitchell he tackled the man before he fled outside.

The man is then alleged to have run through another house on nearby Alfred Crescent, which is believed to be the home of a well-known musician and radio presenter.

The man is also accused of attempting to break into cars on St George’s Road beforehand.

He was eventually confronted by a group of witnesses who performed a citizens arrest and held him until police arrived.

A 20-year-old man will face court today.

‘It was quite the Friday afternoon, Neil,’ Brett McLeod said.

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